Therapeutic use of the Scottish kilt (2): for relief of pain

The 35-year old Scotsman Stuart Collie is suffering from a very rare disease, Dercum’s disease, or adiposis dolorosa. Adiposis dolorosa, characterized by multiple, painful lipomas. These lipomas mainly occur on the trunk, the upper arms and upper legs. The diagnosis of Dercum’s disease implies a long, chronic pain syndrome of debilitating nature. The exact cause of Dercum’s disease is unknown.Dercum’s disease was originally described in the medical literature in 1892 by the American neurologist dr Frances Xavier Dercum. The tumours are benign but can be excruciatingly painful because of their closeness to nerve endings.

Stuart Collie, who lives in Oban, Scotland, is suffering from a mass of painful tumours on his legs and abdomen. And the only clothing he can wear with any comfort is the kilt.

So to relief his pain Stuart Collie decided to wear a kilt on a daily basis. Collie : “The kilt is the most comfortable by far.” His wife Sarah said: “Stuart tried to wear jeans again recently but got cuts from where they have been rubbing on the tumours.”

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