Therapeutic use of the Scottish Kilt (1): treatment of hypothermia

A Scottish kilt can be a life saver to treat hypothermia

Scot whips off his kilt to save a man’s life (UK News, 21 May 97)
A Scotsman saved the life of a stranded hillwalker on a remote mountainside by taking off his kilt and wrapping it round the shivering man. Bare-bottomed Andy Young, 43, braved the elements as he stripped down and used his kilt and thick cotton shirt to keep the hypothermic man warm. Mr Young cuddled close to Tom Mitchell, 41, and sang him traditional Scottish songs while they waited two hours on chilly Sron Ghorm, near the Aultguish Inn, Wester Ross, for a helicopter. Mr Mitchell, of Collynie, Methlick, near Aberdeen, went for a lone hill walk on Monday but did not return to the inn. Friends were particularly concerned because he is an epileptic. Mr Young said: “It was all I could think of because he was shivering so much. I cuddled in close beside him and I think our body heat kept us alive. I sang songs to him to keep his spirits up. I sang MacPherson’s Rant, the Skye Boat Song and Pittenweem Joe over and over again. “When the helicopter arrived, I took my kilt and shirt back and looked on as he was winched into the helicopter. I did not want to have to walk into the inn naked.”

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